Experience of use Canabilab

Anna from Wroclaw: how do I use Canabilab

Anna from Wroclaw has a noticeable effect in smoothing wrinkles and tightening facial contours after using Canabilab

My name is Anna, I live in Wroclaw (Poland). I am 44 years old and my face is not as tight as it used to be. I am very fond of cosmetics and regularly test new products. Canabilab cream intrigued me with its unique composition - I heard that cannabidiol affects the epidermis better than injections of vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Of course, I couldn’t get past this new thing and immediately ordered the cream as soon as it was available for our country. I would like to review and share my usage experience.

Product Description

I placed an order on the website. Literally 15 minutes later, the manager called me back, answered all the questions and confirmed his order. I didn’t pay anything in advance, I paid for the parcel at the post office when I picked it up.

The cream arrives in its original packaging. The jar is packed in a cardboard box with detailed instructions. The consistency is simple, not dense, but also not runny. The smell is light, not felt on the skin, absorbed very quickly. Of course, I immediately tested the medication.

How do I use cream

The use of the cream is no different from other products. It must be applied on cleansed skin in the morning and evening. However, the instructions clearly state how to use the tool.

My grooming system:

  • wash with face gel;
  • toning with tonic or toner;
  • using Canabilab cream.

In the evening, I first remove my makeup with a special tool, then I wash my face, wipe my skin with toner and apply a cream.

Effects and results of use

As I mentioned, I am 44 years old. It is clear that my skin is no longer the same as it was in my youth. Despite regular care, wrinkles I could not get past. Before using Canabilab, I experienced wrinkles around the eyes and lips and the area between the eyebrows. The ovals of the face swim slightly with age, the nasolabial folds appear. In addition there are small age spots and dry skin.

From the cream, I expect high quality hydration and an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin. To my surprise, it works much better. What effects did I notice:

  • after a week, the skin is nourished and moisturized;
  • after two weeks, hyperpigmentation feels mild;
  • after 4 weeks, wrinkles are reduced by about half and facial ovals are tightened.
Photo of Canabilab rejuvenation cream from Anna review

The cream spreads very easily on the skin and is quickly absorbed. Hydration is felt immediately. For the first time I used it in the evening, and in the morning the skin looked more elastic. A few weeks later, I noticed that this product really improves elasticity, tightens the ovals of the face and, in general, has an excellent lifting effect.

I really like Canabilab, now I use it regularly and will not change the cream. After a month of use, my skin looks 10 years younger - wrinkles become smaller, my face looks fresh and toned. I would definitely recommend the cream to all my friends.